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11 Questions About Your School

In her book "Angry Parents, Failing Schools: What's Wrong with the Public Schools and What You Can Do About It", Dr. Elaine McEwan-Adkins suggests answering these eleven questions to help determine whether there is a problem in your community's school:

  1. Are your children spending increasing amounts of time with assignments that contribute little to learning?

  2. Are you being asked to assume teaching responsibilities that were once the teacher's job?

  3. Are increasing numbers of students in your community enrolled in tutoring programs?

  4. Are your schools using dumbed-down textbooks and assigning less independent reading?

  5. Are your schools using curricula and teaching methods that don't work?

  6. Do you have the uneasy feeling that your own children aren't learning as much as you did in school?

  7. Are the teachers in your schools spending instructional time on projects unrelated to academics?

  8. Are academic excellence and recognition of individual achievement discouraged in your school district?

  9. Does your district make excuses for poor or declining student achievement?

  10. Is your district continually implementing unproven innovations and untested curricula?

  11. Is your district phasing out standardized testing for new, more creative tests?

Sound like any school you know? Hmmm?

For more information:
Dr. Elaine McEwan-Adkins, a noted education writer and former administrator in the Chicago area, has a wealth of helpful material on her website.

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